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Learn about Texas property insurance, business insurance Houston or request a commercial property quote!

Texas business insurance can protect the buildings that you own, the business property you posses and the inventory against physical loss or destruction.

If you do not own your building, you will still need Texas insurance for the contents of your business. In most policies, Texas property insurance for Houston business insurance covers many things.

  • Inventory, furniture, office equipment and other materials stored at your facility or off-premises.

You may insure those materials for replacement cost or for actual cash value (ACV).

Offering business, builders risk, Texas property insurance, commercial, and contractors Houston TX.

Replacement cost policies have larger premiums. However they can help your business recover from a loss quicker, since you can restore all of the lost or damaged property with brand new items.

If you lease some of the gear at your business, the loan company may insist that you insure the property at replacement value.

Houston insurance is intended to cover the business against losses even if they are legally responsible for the damage, injury or loss to another's property or health. As a rule, damages, legal fees and settlements are paid by the insuring company when a claim is filed on the business.

Bodily Injury protection may cover the involved person or firm for the cost of care, the loss of services and pay back for a fatality that results from an injury.

Property Damage provides coverage in the event your business causes damage to, or causes the loss of use of someone else's property. Property damage coverage may pay for the value of the physical damage to the property; or the loss of use of that property.

Coverage for finished products and completed operations!

  • A policy may provide protection for your companies finished products or services.
  • If an injury takes place due to the use of your products or services offered.
  • The policy would pay for the resulting damages and any legal costs up to the policy limits.

Liability Insurance provides coverage for many things!

  • General Houston lability insurance protection expands to a variety of numerous types of contracts such as a building lease.

Liquor Liability is required by law if your business serves alcohol!

  • If you are not in the business of manufacturing, distributing, or serving alcoholic beverages.
  • This policy may cover you when somebody claims you are legally responsible for a liquor-related accident.

What is hired auto and non owned Auto!

  • Hired auto and non-Owned Aato coverage if asked for is usually added as an endorsement on a policy.
  • If there are no automobiles owned by the company this insurance will meet the contract conditions for Commercial Auto Insurance coverage.
  • Hired auto coverage take the place of or expands the liability coverage.
  • Liability coverage is obtainable by auto rental agencies, for example!
  • Personal injury protection coverage is wise.
    • Non-owned auto coverage guards your company in the event that it is sued.
    • You can be sued as a result of an auto accident that you or one of your workers has in their own personal vehicle while on business hours.
  • What you should know about medical payments!
    • If somebody is injured by you or on your business grounds, the policy may pay for medical expenses and funeral costs incurred, up to policy limits, within 1 year of the incident.
    • For example, if a customer stumbled and fell on your business premises and had to be hospitalized.

Nearly all liability insurance Houston policies provide protection if you are accused of the following.

  • Distributing incorrect information that slanders or libels a individual or organization.
  • Distributing material that goes against a person's right of privacy.
  • Wrongly arresting, restraining or imprisoning an individual.
  • Maliciously prosecuting an individual.
  • Evicting an individual without probable cause.
  • Advertising Injury!

In the course of advertising your companies own merchandise, products or services, this policy will provide important liability insurance coverage against advertising injuries resulting from.

  • Publishing incorrect information that slanders or libels an individual or organization.
  • Distributing material that goes against a person's right of privacy.
  • Copying another companies advertising ideas or method of doing business.
  • Infringing on some other companies copyright, name or slogan.

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