Condo Insurance in Texas

At Insurance Over Texas, we offer you customized quotes for condo insurance. Our condo insurance policies protect your condo units and your property. They protect you from financial obligations if the structure of your unit or your property is damaged by insured risks. The policies also protect you from financial losses in case of liability claims. Our agents are professional and experienced. They will provide you with the most appropriate quotes for your needs in Houston, TX. The following are some of our condo insurance coverage options.

Liability Coverage

Our property liability insurance protects you from financial losses if other people lose or damage their property in your Houston condo unit under circumstances that may be considered your fault. It helps you to pay for the costs of repairs or replacement. Our bodily injury liability covers you if other people get injured in your condo unit out of your negligence. It pays for their medical charges up to the limits of your policy. Our liability coverage helps you to pay for all the legal charges if the person sues you.

Personal Property

If you have condo units in Houston, you probably keep your personal property in them. They may include your clothing electronics decor and appliances. You may incur huge losses if they are lost or damaged due to risks such as fires, theft or vandalism. Our personal property coverage option helps you to pay for the costs of repairing or replacing them. It may also protect our property if it is inside your car or right outside your condo unit.

Additional Living Expenses

Our additional living expenses coverage option compensates you for your additional costs of living. If your condo unit is damaged by certain risks, it may become inhabitable. In such an event you will be forced to look for alternative accommodation. That comes with additional expenses including hotel charges. Our additional living expenses coverage option helps you to pay for extra costs of living.

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