Renters Insurance in Texas

With Texas ranked third countrywide for households’ percentages who rent, it proves it’s a wonderful place to rent, from the buzzing Houston, TX streets to Dallas’ cultural hub all the way to downtown El Paso. Regardless of your rent decision, it’s always advisable to budget for Texas renter’s insurance in your financial plans, as protecting your rental property as well as belongings in the best way possible shouldn’t be taken for granted! With Insurance Over Texas’ line of business, be rest assured that, what’s important to you concerning renter’s insurance will be safeguarded. In addition, we offer flexible and dependable insurance policies just to suit your needs. Kick start your renter's insurance with our online rating tool to get a quote today from us!


There are basically two types of renter’s policies sold by insurance companies in Texas as per the state requirements, each with different coverage amounts.

• Named-perils policies.

This covers property that’s been damaged or lost because of the events listed in the policy, such as theft and fire, exclusive of losses caused by events that aren’t listed in the policy.

• All-risk policies.

This one covers every type of unless the policy excludes it. Compared to named-perils policies, these policies cover more losses thus are more expensive than named-perils policies.

Renters Insurance Coverages.

Coverages of renters insurance policies come in three types:

• Personal property coverage.

For your personal property, this one pays for the replacement, reconstruction or renovation, with a limit of up to your policy’s dollar limit. The payments are however limited to specific kinds of property. Furthermore, when you travel, your luggage, inclusive of other personal items, are also covered by this insurance package.

• Personal liability.

If someone gets injured in your home, this renter’s insurance coverage comes in handy, protecting you against a claim or lawsuit.

• Loss of use.

When you must pay for additional living expenses for things like food and rent if you have temporarily moved from your house or apartment, the loss of use covers for that, despite it being generally limited to a percentage of a policy’s personal property coverage.

Being a premier provider of renter’s insurance in Houston, TX, you’ll be in professional and excellent hands. At Insurance Over Texas, we’ve already made it easy for you to get immediate online Texas renters insurance quote for home or auto insurance. For other lines of business inquiries, our lines are always open for you to call anytime or visit our offices!

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