Home Insurance in Texas

Truth be told, unless you have a mortgage, home insurance in Houston, TX is not mandatory. Even so, this is what most Texas residents consider a must-have because of the risks that come with home ownership. With Insurance Over Texas by your side, damage to your home will be the least of your worries. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of coverage offered by home insurance.

Your Personal Belongings

Cases of personal belongings (sports equipment, clothes, furniture, etc.) getting stolen or destroyed by windstorm and fire disasters are not unheard of. Keep in mind that personal property cover valuation is a percentage of the insurance amount. For example, if you have insured your Houston home for $100,000, the coverage worth will likely range between $40,000 and $60,000 considering that most insurance firms offer 40 to 60 percent of the insurance amount.

House Structure

Signing up for homeowner’s insurance available in Houston, TX today means that you will get compensated should your home sustain physical damages. This is sweet news to the ears of every homeowner because he/she knows that the cover will cater for repair costs. Most insurance companies will compensate for damages arising from hurricanes, lightning, hail, fire, and any other disaster indicated on the policy document. On the other hand, losses due to floods, wear and tear, and earthquakes in most cases aren’t covered.


A tree from your property falling on a neighbor’s house, or someone getting hurt after slipping on your driveway can be a stressful situation. Home insurance, however, quickly comes to the rescue under such circumstances as it will take care of repairs and medical expenses.

Final Word

Owning a house in Texas is a rewarding experience. Even so, damage to your prized house can leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Getting home insurance is the best decision you can ever make, and there is no better place to get started than Insurance Over Texas.