Umbrella Insurance in Texas

At Insurance Over Texas, we have a team of attentive and respectful agents who will listen to you, understand your needs, and provide you with the most appropriate quotes for umbrella insurance in Houston. We will provide you with a quote depending on your exposure to liability claims and the value of your assets. Our umbrella insurance policies provide you with additional liability coverage. You cannot purchase the policies independently because they act as supplemental insurance policies. They supplement the liability coverage of your standard policies such as home, auto, commercial, and boat/watercraft insurance. Our umbrella insurance offers you coverage for the following perils

Bodily Injury

With our umbrella insurance policies, you get extra protection against bodily injury liability. It compensates you for the costs of medical bills once you reach the limits of your standard policies. Our umbrella insurance policies may come in handy in case your car gets into an accident, and you injure other people, if your dog bites your neighbors or visitors, or if the mailman trips over loose flooring in your business premises in Houston, TX. It does not offer you coverage until your standard policies reach their limits.

Rental Units

If you are a landlord, you may benefit from our umbrella insurance policies. They offer you compensation for liability claims in case people get injured or lose their property in your rental units under circumstances that are considered your fault.

Property Damage or Lose

Our umbrella insurance offers you extra liability protection against property damage or loss. If people lose or damage their valuable property in your Houston home or business property, the costs of repairing or replacing it may exceed the limits of your standard policy. It also comes in handy when you damage another person’s car or property during an accident. Your auto insurance may not be enough to compensate them.

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