Life Insurance in Texas

Securing the future of your loved ones shows love and care. We constantly worry about the future of those who depend on us. What will happen when we are gone? Life insurance helps protect the future of your loved ones when you are gone. At Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX, we help anyone one willing in Houston to access life insurance. Below are different types of life insurance.

Term life insurance: Term life insurance provides death benefits without cash value. If the policyholder passes before the policy expires, the beneficiaries are paid the assured sum. The premiums are fixed and are paid for a specific duration of time. Term life insurance can be renewed after it expires.

Permanent life insurance: Permanent life insurance offers death benefit protection and a cash value component. Unlike term insurance, it does not have a time limit. There are different types of permanent life insurance.

  • Whole life insurance: This is the most common type of permanent life insurance. Its premium is locked and remains the same throughout the policy. It has a cash value component that is allowed to grow tax-free. Some whole life insurance policies offer dividends.
  • Universal life insurance: Like whole life insurance, it provides a cash value component and a death benefit. However, in universal life insurance, the policyholder can choose how much of the premium goes towards the policy’s death benefit and the cash value. Here, the policyholder can access the cash value.
  • Variable life insurance: A type of permanent life insurance that provides a death benefit and cash component with different investment options. The investment option can affect the death benefit depending on the ups and downs of the equities market.

With a life insurance policy, you do not have to worry about your loved ones when you are gone. If you are in Houston, call or visit us at Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX. Our agents will help you get a policy that will meet your needs.

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