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3 Commercial Insurance Mistakes That Put Your Business At Risk

As a Houston, TX business owner, one of the most damaging and costly mistakes is not protecting your business and assets with the right kind and amount of commercial insurance coverage. Thinking that you understand the ins and outs of business insurance, you may decide not to work with an experienced Insurance Over Texas agent and won’t be getting a correct picture of your business risks and needs, and fail to purchase adequate coverage. Unfortunately, making the following mistakes can not only cost you more money, but you could also end up losing your business. 

Buying Inadequate Coverage

Many businesses don’t actually purchase enough insurance to cover their potential losses. Purchasing inadequate commercial insurance coverage is only slightly better than no a policy at all. Many business owners realize their mistake when it’s too late and are forced to pay for attorney fees and legal settlements out of pocket.

Carrying Low Deductibles

Carrying a low deductible on your commercial insurance policy may seem like a better decision because it offers more protection, but it may not actually be the best decision for your business. You can lower your costs while still protecting yourself by increasing the deductible on your insurance policies. A high deductible reduces your overall operating costs while still providing protection from the types of losses that could put your business at risk.

Not Buying Business Income Coverage 

Commercial business income coverage, also known as business interruption insurance, will provide financial support in the event that something occurs that interrupts your ability to conduct business and make money. Going without business income coverage can endanger your company just as much as going without property or liability coverage. For example, if your business experiences a fire that damages or destroys all your merchandise, forcing you to close your doors for weeks, your business owner’s property insurance will cover the lost merchandise, but if you don’t have business income coverage, you’ll have no way to recover your lost income during the time you are shuttered.  

The best way to ensure you have the coverage and protection you need for your Houston, TX business is to work with a qualified insurance professional at Insurance Over Texas. We can assess your specific needs and then help you find the best insurance package to meet them. Contact our offices for a quote.

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