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Is Flood Insurance Necessary in Non-Flood Zones?

At Insurance Over Texas, we know many of our clients don’t get flood insurance because they do not live in a flood zone. Unfortunately, Houston, TX, has many areas that may suffer from floods without expectation, even outside of a flood zone. You need to fully understand this problem to protect yourself against any problematic issues you may end up experiencing.

Flood Zones are Not Always a Great Show of Flood Risk

Flood zones are a good way of gauging your risk of this natural disaster but should not be considered a complete guide for your danger. For instance, there are many places where floods may happen outside of these areas, including:

  • Near a River – You may not technically be in a flood zone, but you may be downriver in a way that a problematic flood could end up rising and coming to impact you.
  • Close to a Dam – If you live downriver of a dam, you are not technically in a flood zone but are still at the risk of a flood if the dam ever ends up breaking in any way.
  • By Artificial Lakes – Those people who live near any Houston lakes – particularly artificial ones – may not be in a flood zone but may still want to get insurance for this natural disaster anyway.

So if you are worried about flood insurance in Houston, TX, despite not living in a flood zone, it is a good idea to reach out to us at Insurance Over Texas. Our professionals will take the time to understand your needs better and create a policy that works for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible if you aren’t sure whether or not a flood policy is suitable for your needs.

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