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Required Commercial Insurance in Texas

When you own a Texas business, there are many different types of commercial insurance that can help you protect that business. There is one type that is required for certain businesses. Others are highly recommended because they can save a business from financial destruction. When you need to get any type of commercial insurance, you can call us at Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX to find out more. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

It’s required that you have commercial auto insurance if your business owns a vehicle. Every vehicle must be covered by these policies in order to stay legal. If you had a personal auto insurance policy on a work vehicle, they generally would not pay out for an accident. There are three amounts of coverage that have to be included in the policy. One is for bodily injury liability for a single person who is injured in an accident. Another is a per-accident amount for bodily injury liability. The last is for property damage liability. The required amounts in the state are average when compared to other states, and you may want to add more coverage in case of serious accidents. It’s generally recommended to get collision coverage as well. This pays for the damage to your work vehicle in an accident. 

Other Commercial Insurance

While other states mandate that companies have workers’ compensation insurance, Texas does not. However, it’s a good idea to get this coverage if you have any employees. This is liability coverage that will pay for the medical bills and other costs associated with accidents that happen on the job. It’s important to have this insurance to keep your business protected against what could be huge medical bills. There are also other useful commercial policies you may need such as cyber insurance, professional liability, and more. 

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To get the policies you need, call us at Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX. 

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