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Protect yourself from negligent neighbors with condo insurance

Condominium insurance can be confusing when it comes to knowing whose insurance is responsible for different types of damage. If you live in a condo, you should have your own insurance in addition to that provided by your Condominium Owners Association (COA) because of the limitations that their policy will have in the event of damage to your unit. The team at Insurance Over Texas is here to help condo owners in the greater Houston, TX area find the right policy to meet their needs. Don’t be fooled by the COA policy that is in place as this will not provide coverage for damage to your unit.

Don’t let your negligent neighbors ruin your condo!

You may be surprised to learn that in most instances you can be held responsible for damage to your condo even if it is caused by a negligent neighbor! While this may seem unfair, it is typically how condo boards operate. When you live in a multi-family dwelling such as a condo, it is vital that you have adequate coverage in place. Your COA insurance protection is typically limited to the common areas of your building and will not cover an event that occurs within your unit. If you are unfortunate enough to have negligent neighbors, your coverage is even more critical. Make sure that you have comprehensive condo insurance in-place at adequate coverage levels to make sure that your home and belongings are covered.

Is it time to review your condo policy for completeness? If you are in the greater Houston, TX area and want to make sure that your condo insurance policy will provide the protection you need, call or stop Insurance Over Texas today for a policy review. We can help you find the most appropriate coverage to meet your needs.

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