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All you need to know about condo insurance in 2024

Are you planning to purchase a condo unit? Then, you should also think about condo insurance as well. In this blog post, you can find all the information you need regarding condo insurance in 2024 in the state of Texas:

  • The state of Texas does not require condo owners to carry condo insurance.  Even though you do not have to purchase condo insurance, many mortgage lenders still require condo buyers to have it to be approved for a loan. If you are buying a unit for cash and you do not even need a loan, then you do not have to get condo insurance. 
  • Compared to home insurance, condo insurance is quite limited. Usually, home insurance has broader coverage because it covers so many aspects of the property, such as the land and other structures belonging to the property. Since condo insurance covers just one unit, its coverage is quite limited
  • There are several types of condo insurance. You can choose the most suitable coverage depending on your personal insurance needs. For example, one coverage covers your personal items only, while the other covers living expenses if your unit becomes temporarily uninhabitable.

Are you a condo owner living in Houston, TX, or any nearby area in Texas?

Are you shopping for condo insurance? Insurance Over Texas is a local insurance company in Texas ready to assist you with your insurance needs. We serve clients in Houston, TX, and other areas in Texas and help them find insurance policies based on their needs and budget. Thus, do not hesitate to reach out to us—we are here for you. 

Four Reasons to Get Condo Insurance

If you’re buying a condo and thinking about getting condo insurance, there are many reasons to invest in this vital insurance coverage. Insurance Over Texas Agency is proud to provide condo insurance for customers in the Houston, TX area. Knowing the reasons to get this kind of insurance for your property can help you take proper care of your property. 

1. Your condo insurance helps limit your financial risk when a covered event occurs.

Condo insurance can pay for repairs to your part of the property when a covered event occurs. Covered events like fire and theft can be financially devastating, and some condo owners never recover. Condo insurance makes recovery from covered events easier and less financially devastating. 

2. If you need one, Getting condo insurance allows you to get a mortgage.

If you’re getting a mortgage to pay for your condo, your bank will require condo insurance to approve your mortgage. Getting condo insurance allows you the flexibility to borrow the money for your condo if that’s what you need. 

3. Condo insurance can cover living expenses in the event of a covered event. 

If your condo is damaged in a covered event, like a fire, you may need to live elsewhere while repairs are underway. Your condo insurance will pay for your living expenses during this time, so you can stay in a hotel if needed. 

4. Condo insurance can be a lot more affordable than recovering from a disaster.

Paying to repair your condo after a covered event can be very expensive. Condo insurance from the Insurance Over Texas Agency can be much more affordable than paying to repair your condo. Call today to learn more about getting condo insurance in Houston, TX. 

Frequently asked questions about condo insurance

Living in a condo has its good points and its bad points. One of those good things is you don’t have to worry about maintaining the lawn. The bad point is that you share some of your walls with your neighbors. One thing that doesn’t have to be a bad thing is condo insurance. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about condo insurance.

What is condo insurance?

Condo insurance protects you from paying out-of-pocket costs if something happens with your condo. Different types of condo insurance cover different things, such as the inner structure, personal effects, and liability.

Why is condo insurance important?

Condo insurance is important because it protects you from losing thousands of dollars if something goes wrong, like a fire, natural disaster, or someone gets hurt on your property.

What does condo insurance cover?

Some coverage types available for condo insurance are dwelling coverage, loss of use coverage, personal effects coverage, and liability coverage.

How much condo insurance do I need?

It depends on a few different factors. The HOA has its own coverage, but it depends on what they cover as to what you will need coverage for. Some communities require you to have insurance coverage for the shared areas and dwelling coverage.

Does condo insurance cover personal injury?

If you are referring to the injury done to yourself or your family members, then no condo insurance does not cover personal injury. Condo insurance only covers injury to another person outside your household caused by you or another family member.

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If you have more questions, we would be happy to chat. Please stop in or contact us at Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX.

Is condo insurance required in Texas?

If you own a condo in Houston, TX, you are required to have condo insurance if you have a mortgage. Condo insurance is not only required in Texas but also a wise idea, even if your condo association has insurance. Insurance Over Texas explains why.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

First, it’s important to understand what condo insurance does and does not cover. Your condo association’s policy will usually cover the outside of the building and any common areas, such as the swimming pool or fitness center. However, it will not cover the contents of your individual unit. That’s where your condo insurance comes in.

Condo insurance covers the things in your unit that are important to you, such as your furniture, clothing, electronics, and other personal belongings. It also provides liability coverage if someone is injured in your unit and decides to sue you. In short, condo insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are protected in the event of an accident or disaster.

As anyone who lives here knows, we are no strangers to severe weather. Houston, TX has seen everything from tropical storms and hurricanes to flooding and severe thunderstorms. And while your condominium association’s policy may cover damage to the building itself, it likely won’t cover damage to your personal belongings—that’s where your condo insurance comes in.

Condo insurance protects your belongings and provides liability coverage in case someone is injured while in your unit. It can also help with temporary housing costs if your unit is uninhabitable due to weather damage. So don’t wait until it’s too late—talk to Insurance Over Texas today about getting the coverage you need to protect yourself from financial losses due to accidents or disasters.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Like home insurance, condo insurance is purchased by anyone who owns a condominium and helps pay for damages to you, your unit, and your belongings. Typically, condo insurance consists of the following four main components:

  • Personal Liability Coverage: If a third party is injured while visiting your condominium and you are legally deemed to be at fault, this coverage will pay for the medical expenses and legal fees associated with the accident.
  • Guest Medical Coverage: If you are not at fault, but someone is injured while at your unit, guest medical coverage can be used to pay for their medical expenses.
  • Building Property Protection: With a condo, you are only responsible for damage to the walls of your unit and the interior. This type of coverage pays for repairs to the walls and interior, such as fixtures, doors, etc.
  • Personal Property Coverage: If your furniture, electronics, or other personal belongings are damaged in a covered incident, then personal property coverage will help you repair or replace the items.

In addition to your condo insurance policy, your condo association will also have an insurance policy that helps pay for repairs and covers damages to the common areas of the building. Your monthly, quarterly, or yearly condo fees will help defray the cost of this policy from the condo association. 

Whether you are a first-time condo owner or shopping for a new condo insurance policy, the team at Insurance Over Texas is ready to help. We’ll walk you through the various components of condo insurance policies and help you make informed decisions. When you are prepared to obtain more information, give us a call or stop by our conveniently located office in Houston, TX.

3 legal issues you must understand before buying a condo

If it’s your first time buying a condo, you may be shocked at all the various factors and legal issues to consider. Condo ownership and living in a condo can be challenging, so be sure it’s the right decision for you beforehand. Insurance Over Texas serving Houston, TX provides condo insurance to protect against issues like theft, fire damage, vandalism, and other issues. Getting this coverage is vital to ensure that, just in case anything happens, you won’t have to pay for the losses out-of-pocket.

Legal Issues When Buying A Condo

Condominiums are considered a form of community living plan whereby you claim ownership of a certain percentage of the whole property together with other owners. As such, there are some legal issues you need to understand. Buying a condominium is more involving than a single-family home because you need to worry about the specific unit and the condo project as a whole.


A condominium is a multifamily residential situation whereby every unit is owned privately by different people. The condo association owns common places like the walkways and parking lot, and the condo and unit owners both take responsibility for these common areas’ expenses.

Contract contingencies

When buying a condo, it’s advisable to review the contract and add some contingencies. This allows you to analyze the condo bylaws, restrictions, balance sheets, and budget. It’ll ensure you have a way out of the purchasing agreement if you opt for it.

Association fee

In most states, you are required to pay a condo association fee in addition to the mortgage payment made every month. It’s important to ask about these fees and their scheduling to accommodate them better in your budget.

When you buy a condo, you get ownership of your unit, but the common areas have joint ownership. It’s important to factor in all the legal issues involved when buying a condo, and Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX can help with that. You will need an insurance representative to help with the Condo owner’s protection coverage for personal property and premises liability. 

What Houston TX residents Need to know about Condo insurance

Condominium owners who reside in their Houston, TX units must insure property they possess within their condo. These personal properties include clothing, appliances, furniture, and electronics. This policy is tailored to offer liability protection for property damage and afflicted bodily injuries to others. In Houston, TX the condo association’s coverage comes to a standstill after protecting the exterior walls, meaning that you are wholly responsible for protecting the interior walls and fixtures.

This responsibility warrants acquiring salient condo insurance to guarantee imminent perils like windstorms, smoke, theft, and vandalism strikes. Connect with us at Insurance Over Texas situated in Houston, TX and speak with our licensed agents who can assist you with your condo insurance quotes.

Sometimes designing a spectacular package for condo insurance in Houston, TX that suits your individual needs, it’s a daunting task. Thankfully, Insurance Over Texas is here to help! We will assist you to determine the amount of coverage you need, and we will help you grab it at the most competitive rates available.

What types of condo insurance coverages are offered at Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX?

  • Personal liability coverage: It caters to related legal costs if someone is accidentally injured while residing in your condominium, and you are deemed liable.
  • Guest medical: It pays medical costs if your guest is injured while at your condominium, even if you are deemed liable for the cause of the accident.
  • Building property protection: It typically assists in settling costs for repairs to your condo unit walls, including its interior, which includes items like built-in bookcases and fixtures if a covered peril exacerbates destruction.
  • Personal property coverage: Personal possession such as appliances, clothing, and furniture are covered under personal property policy if a covered disaster ravages them.

Call us or visit our Insurance Over Texas located in Houston, TX and our charismatic agents will help you acquire an outstanding condo insurance policy suiting your needs.

A Guide To Help Texas Residents Find The Right Condo Insurance Policy

Insurance Over Texas serves the Houston, TX community, as well as the surrounding areas through providing insurance coverage. We strive to serve our clients with a high level of professionalism. As an independent agency, we have established successful partnerships with multiple carriers in Texas.

Condo Insurance

If you are staying in one of the beautiful condos in the Houston TX area, condo insurance allows you to protect your unit and personal belongings. The policy covers you if it is damaged. Your personal items are also covered if they are damaged or stolen. Liability coverage protects you if you invite someone over and they suffer an injury. If your condo is severely damaged by a thunderstorm or another type of natural disaster, the policy will cover you if you have to seek additional housing elsewhere.

You can amend the policy to cover your personal items when you are traveling with them. If your personal items are stolen while you are on vacation, you will be covered. Also, keep in mind that if you have some luxury items, you may have to look into extra coverage to protect those items if they are damaged or stolen. Consider getting your luxury items appraised. That should give you a clear estimate regarding the true value of your luxury items.

Because the weather in Texas can be severe at any moment, make sure that you consider the possibility of flooding. Make sure that the policy covers your unit and personal items if a flood causes damages. Potential wind and hurricane damage are other variables that you have to think about while researching coverage.

Consult With Insurance Over Texas

Visit our website today to learn more information about condo insurance.

What Homeowners Association Usually Cover

When it comes to living in shared spaces, such as a condominium or even a community, there are usually homeowners association’s rules, fees, and so on. It is different from owning the standard single-family home, and the homeowners’ insurance is different from the homeowners’ insurance for the standard home. So, it is imperative to know what the homeowners’ association (HOA) usually covers.

HOA Insurance Coverage

Part of your HOA dues cover insurance for shared spaces, and thus, it is referred to as liability home insurance for those areas. The following includes what it usually covers:

  • Yard Space
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tennis Courts
  • Playgrounds
  • The Shared Wall of Tenants
  • The Lobby
  • Any Part of the Property Shared by the Tenants (the business center, laundromat, etc.)

The bottom line is that practically any shared Tenants’ areas are usually covered by the homeowners’ HOA insurance. So, while the wall that divides your condo and your next-door neighbor’s condo, for instance, may be covered through the HOA, your personal belongings in your home are not covered by this home insurance. 

Ensuring Accurate Coverage for Your Home

Now that you know what your HOA will typically cover, it’s time to do two things: One is to ensure you find out for sure the details in what your HOA covers in your vicinity. Secondly, it is imperative you work with a top-notch, reliable, professional, and experienced insurance company to ensure your home is adequately covered.

All homeowners’ insurance policies don’t fit the one-size-fits-all rule even if you stay in the same building as another tenant. One reason is due to the differences in each other’s personal belongings. For instance, one of you may have more luxury items than the other, so the one with more luxury items might’ve added more coverage to ensure these items are covered. 

To ensure your home is properly covered, contact Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX today. Insurance Over Texas has been serving the Houston, TX and surrounding areas for more than 30 years now. We are a family-owned and operated agency that specializes in home and auto insurance. Furthermore, we have a full array of home insurance coverage options to meet every homeowner’s needs. So, go ahead and contact us now!  

What does condo insurance cover

Condo insurance is very similar to a homeowner’s policy except it is essential for a condo owner to understand how their condo insurance policy will work with the master insurance policy carried by the condo association. If you are a condo owner in the Houston, TX area and have questions about your condo policy, reach out to a specialist at Insurance Over Texas today. 

The first element of condo insurance is the master insurance policy provided by the condo association. The master policy insures the building structure along with any common areas, such as the lobby, courtyard, swimming pool, and fitness center. 

There are a few different types of master policies. Condo owners should know what their building carries to determine what sort of coverage they need to fill in any coverage gaps.

  • Bare walls coverage: A bare wall policy will cover the walls, floor, and ceiling. If your condo carries this type of policy, you will need to make sure your policy covers the appliances, light fixtures, plumbing, and the cabinets in the kitchen. 
  • Single entity insurance: A single entity policy is very similar to a bare walls policy except that it also includes the fixtures. It is crucial to keep in mind that if damage were to occur, this policy would restore the fixtures to the original condition when the property was built. If you have new fixtures, you may want to consider having replacement coverage under your policy instead. 
  • All-in Coverage: All in coverage is the most comprehensive policy the association can carry. All-in coverage covers what is covered under the single entity policy but extends to cover any additions or improvements that have been made to the condo. In the event your building has All-in coverage, you will need to cover your personal property. 

If you are interested in learning more about condo insurance, make an appointment with Insurance Over Texas today. We proudly serve the Houston, TX, area. 

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