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All you need to know about condo insurance in 2024

Are you planning to purchase a condo unit? Then, you should also think about condo insurance as well. In this blog post, you can find all the information you need regarding condo insurance in 2024 in the state of Texas:

  • The state of Texas does not require condo owners to carry condo insurance.  Even though you do not have to purchase condo insurance, many mortgage lenders still require condo buyers to have it to be approved for a loan. If you are buying a unit for cash and you do not even need a loan, then you do not have to get condo insurance. 
  • Compared to home insurance, condo insurance is quite limited. Usually, home insurance has broader coverage because it covers so many aspects of the property, such as the land and other structures belonging to the property. Since condo insurance covers just one unit, its coverage is quite limited
  • There are several types of condo insurance. You can choose the most suitable coverage depending on your personal insurance needs. For example, one coverage covers your personal items only, while the other covers living expenses if your unit becomes temporarily uninhabitable.

Are you a condo owner living in Houston, TX, or any nearby area in Texas?

Are you shopping for condo insurance? Insurance Over Texas is a local insurance company in Texas ready to assist you with your insurance needs. We serve clients in Houston, TX, and other areas in Texas and help them find insurance policies based on their needs and budget. Thus, do not hesitate to reach out to us—we are here for you. 

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