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Four Reasons to Get Condo Insurance

If you’re buying a condo and thinking about getting condo insurance, there are many reasons to invest in this vital insurance coverage. Insurance Over Texas Agency is proud to provide condo insurance for customers in the Houston, TX area. Knowing the reasons to get this kind of insurance for your property can help you take proper care of your property. 

1. Your condo insurance helps limit your financial risk when a covered event occurs.

Condo insurance can pay for repairs to your part of the property when a covered event occurs. Covered events like fire and theft can be financially devastating, and some condo owners never recover. Condo insurance makes recovery from covered events easier and less financially devastating. 

2. If you need one, Getting condo insurance allows you to get a mortgage.

If you’re getting a mortgage to pay for your condo, your bank will require condo insurance to approve your mortgage. Getting condo insurance allows you the flexibility to borrow the money for your condo if that’s what you need. 

3. Condo insurance can cover living expenses in the event of a covered event. 

If your condo is damaged in a covered event, like a fire, you may need to live elsewhere while repairs are underway. Your condo insurance will pay for your living expenses during this time, so you can stay in a hotel if needed. 

4. Condo insurance can be a lot more affordable than recovering from a disaster.

Paying to repair your condo after a covered event can be very expensive. Condo insurance from the Insurance Over Texas Agency can be much more affordable than paying to repair your condo. Call today to learn more about getting condo insurance in Houston, TX. 

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