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Why All Homeowners Need Flood Insurance

Many homeowners are often under the impression that their area couldn’t possibly flood. However, floods can occur nearly everywhere, making it crucial for homeowners always to stay prepared. If you own a home, pairing your home insurance with a robust flood insurance policy is necessary to keep your property and assets safe. Get detailed insights on flood insurance from Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX.

The Value of Flood Insurance Alongside Home Insurance

Many homeowners are under the erroneous belief that their home insurance policy is sufficient protection against floods, which isn’t the case. Floods are typically excluded from home insurance coverage, meaning a flood could result in total property loss if you don’t have a valid flood insurance policy. Regardless of your home insurance policy, you bear the financial burden for all flood-inflicted damages without flood insurance.

Understanding Flood Zones

Certain areas are designated as flood zones, and these zones carry expectations of periodic flooding. Many homeowners realize the mandatory requirement for flood insurance upon moving into these flood-prone zones. However, it’s not advisable to forego flood insurance if you live outside these zones. Statistics indicate that approximately 20% of flood damage claims originate from areas outside of flood zones, implying that virtually any home is susceptible to flooding.

Don’t leave your home unprotected against potential flooding. Contact Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX today to get your flood insurance policy.

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