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Renters’ Insurance Suggestions for Shared Living Spaces

Renters’ insurance provides protection for personal belongings. It also covers legal costs for liability claims that are placed against an insured individual. Learn how you and your new roommate can acquire the protection you both need.


First, you should know that a renters’ insurance policy will have a coverage limit. If you and your roommate decide to share an insurance policy, the coverage limit would need to be split between you.

Because doing this would lower your potential claim amount, you should each consider buying your own separate renters’ insurance policy. By having two separate policies, you and your roommate can customize the coverage you are each supplied with.


An inventory should be taken before you and your roommate acquire renters’ insurance. An inventory will help you and your roommate track which items will be stored in the apartment. It will prevent you or your roommate from overlooking a personal possession when purchasing a renters’ insurance policy.

The inventory should include furnishings, jewelry, clothing, and any other items that are valuable to you and your roommate. The list that you each create should be stored in a secure area that can be easily accessed.

Whenever you or your roommate decide to invest in a new possession, the inventory should be updated to reflect each purchase. Then, the existing renters’ insurance policy should be updated.

More Advice

One of our agents, who serves Houston, TX, can provide you with additional advice concerning renters’ insurance. Contact a representative of Insurance Over Texas to schedule an appointment with an agent.

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