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Investing in Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a valuable tool. Not only does it have a low-cost premium, but it also provides a significant amount of coverage for you. It’s common for renters to assume that the apartment owner’s insurance coverage will protect their possessions. This isn’t true, though. Some landlords require renters insurance. Even if it isn’t mandatory, it’s a good idea to have coverage. Our agents at Insurance Over Texas work with apartment dwellers throughout the Houston, TX area. They can explain the coverage options that are available and answer any questions. We want you to have the coverage that best fits your life. 

The primary function of renters insurance is to protect everything in your apartment. This includes furniture, electronics, jewelry, and clothing. The apartment owner has insurance to cover the building. That policy does not protect anything inside a renter’s apartment. Coverage from renter’s insurance goes beyond that, though. If a disaster damages the building, it can provide funds for your hotel and meal expenses until you can return to your apartment. It will also cover your items if they are stolen or damaged when you are away from home. If your laptop is stolen while you are at a local café, it will still be insured by your policy. Some renter’s insurance policies also offer personal liability insurance. This financially protects you if someone is injured in your apartment due to your negligence. 

At Insurance Over Texas, our agents understand the needs of renters in the Houston, TX area. We will take the time to get to know you and your situation so that we can recommend the best policy options for you. Renters insurance is a smart investment in protecting the things that make your apartment your home. Contact us today to explore how renters insurance can work for you!

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How much flood insurance do you need in Texas?

Your home in Houston, TX is subject to natural disasters. The state of Texas holds six out of twelve world records when it comes to rainfall rates. It is only a matter of time until your home experiences flooding that leads to damage. The agents at Insurance Over Texas can thoroughly explain how flood insurance works in the Lone Star State. Use this guide to determine how much insurance you may need.

Is flood insurance required?

The city of Houston participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which provides an affordable option for homeowners in need of coverage. Those living in high-risk flood zones are required to purchase flood insurance under the NFIP if they have mortgages owned by the federal government. Those living outside of high-risk zones should also consider buying a plan.

How much flood insurance can you get? 

The NFIP offers a maximum of $250,000 worth of home insurance coverage to buyers. There are other ways to insure your home if its value exceeds such a limit. The amount of flood insurance you may need, though, depends on several factors.

How much flood insurance do you need in Houston, TX?

The value of your home is the first factor that you should consider when determining how much flood insurance to buy. You should also consider your personal possessions. Those with valuable items should consider more insurance coverage as it may be difficult to replace items lost in the flood with $250,000.

The average homeowner pays about $700 annually for anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 worth of flood insurance. Your rates will depend on many factors, which are not limited to the location of your home as well as the probability of flooding. Call an agent at Insurance Over Texas today to get started with your customized flood insurance plan.

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What Homeowners Association Usually Cover

When it comes to living in shared spaces, such as a condominium or even a community, there are usually homeowners association’s rules, fees, and so on. It is different from owning the standard single-family home, and the homeowners’ insurance is different from the homeowners’ insurance for the standard home. So, it is imperative to know what the homeowners’ association (HOA) usually covers.

HOA Insurance Coverage

Part of your HOA dues cover insurance for shared spaces, and thus, it is referred to as liability home insurance for those areas. The following includes what it usually covers:

  • Yard Space
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tennis Courts
  • Playgrounds
  • The Shared Wall of Tenants
  • The Lobby
  • Any Part of the Property Shared by the Tenants (the business center, laundromat, etc.)

The bottom line is that practically any shared Tenants’ areas are usually covered by the homeowners’ HOA insurance. So, while the wall that divides your condo and your next-door neighbor’s condo, for instance, may be covered through the HOA, your personal belongings in your home are not covered by this home insurance. 

Ensuring Accurate Coverage for Your Home

Now that you know what your HOA will typically cover, it’s time to do two things: One is to ensure you find out for sure the details in what your HOA covers in your vicinity. Secondly, it is imperative you work with a top-notch, reliable, professional, and experienced insurance company to ensure your home is adequately covered.

All homeowners’ insurance policies don’t fit the one-size-fits-all rule even if you stay in the same building as another tenant. One reason is due to the differences in each other’s personal belongings. For instance, one of you may have more luxury items than the other, so the one with more luxury items might’ve added more coverage to ensure these items are covered. 

To ensure your home is properly covered, contact Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX today. Insurance Over Texas has been serving the Houston, TX and surrounding areas for more than 30 years now. We are a family-owned and operated agency that specializes in home and auto insurance. Furthermore, we have a full array of home insurance coverage options to meet every homeowner’s needs. So, go ahead and contact us now!  

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What Events Allow for Changing Your Health Insurance Coverage?

If you don’t have health insurance through your place of employment, you will have to purchase it on your own. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds, especially with every state offering its own health insurance options. If you prefer, you can also talk to the agents at Insurance Over Texas. Insurance Over Texas serves residents who live in or near the Houston, TX area. While open enrollment only remains in effect from November 1st to December 15 each year, there are specific events that will allow you to alter your policy.

Open Enrollment Deadlines for Health Insurance

No matter where you get your health insurance, it must be purchased during the Open Enrollment period for your state. For the 2019-2020 year, Open Enrollment started on November 1, 2019, and ended on December 15, 2020. Insurance that has been purchased during that time went into effect on January 1, 2020. While the deadline for Open Enrollment has already passed, you can still purchase health insurance if you have a "special circumstance".

What Type of Event Will Allow You to Change Your Coverage?

Life-changing events that allow you to sign up or change your insurance coverage include divorce, marriage, the birth of a child, or the death of a spouse. Another possible circumstance would be the termination of your employment. If any of these events occur, you can apply to have your policy adjusted to account for your new situation.

In Houston, TX, the agents at Insurance Over Texas can help you find the right health insurance policy for you. They can also assist you if you need to alter or change your policy after a life-changing event. Call and speak to an agent as soon as you can!


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Does your car insurance increase after an at-fault accident?

An at-fault car accident in Houston, TX does more than devastate you and the other party involved. The financial effect of the incident can last for more than five years, given the fact that your insurance premium increases after the crash. The agents at Insurance Over Texas can help you understand how your indemnity policy works so that you can better understand the effects of an at-fault incident. 

What happens after an accident?

The first thing you should do after an accident is to assess personal injuries. You should contact emergency services if individuals are hurt.

Another step to take at the scene of an accident is to assess the damages. It may seem cold-hearted to capture video footage and pictures of the wreckage. Such a step, however, can save a lot of time when you file a claim. It is not necessary to film the victims at the incident. You should, however, capture footage of the damaged vehicles and property while also exchanging information with the other party, if at all possible. 

Filing a claim

Your Insurance Over Texas agent can walk you through the process of filing a claim after an accident in Houston, TX. You generally need the information of other parties involved along with any police reports written in reference to the incident. It may also be a good idea to submit your video clips and pictures from the scene so that the agent gets a better idea of what happened and how much is needed to resolve the matter. 

Does the insurance premium increase after an accident?

Your car insurance premium will increase if damages exceed $2,000. It is not uncommon for an insurance company to charge more in monthly premiums for up to five years after an at-fault accident. 

An agent at Insurance Over Texas can help you find the right insurance policy that fully covers you in the instance of an accident. Call today to get started with a quote!

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Tips to Protect Your Home from Flood Damage

One of the most common, as well as costliest weather-related disasters, is flooding. Unfortunately, other than elevation, there is little to no margin of safety. Once the water reaches ground level and rises to an inch above, there is a risk of significant damage, so the best way to avoid flooding is to stay above water. It’s essential to be aware of the flood level and how high the floodwaters can rise for your home in Houston, TX. Even homes located on a hill need floodproofing, so here are a few tips provided by Insurance Over Texas to help you protect your home from flood damage.

Protect Electrical Outlets

All wiring, sockets, switches, and circuit breakers should be at the minimum, at least 12-inches above the expected level in the area. Take the time to modify the water heater, furnace, and other types of indoor and secure equipment to ensure that it is sitting above the flood level

Modify the Water Valves

A flooded system can lead to extensive back up in the house, so it’s recommended that you install a backflow valve. A gate valve is recommended because the seal is stronger than those on check or flap valves. These types of valves open automatically for the water to flow out, and then the gate closes if water tries to get in. For optimum results, you should install valves on all pipes that enter your house.

Understanding water flows around your property will allow you to adjust the sloping or grading to force the water away from your house. To determine how the water flows around the house, monitor how the water accumulates or flows during a typical rainstorm. If the area or street your house is on tends to have standing water, consider talking to your local county environmental services for suggestions on altering the water flow around your home.

Residents of Houston, TX interested in learning more about flood insurance or reviewing your current policy, contact Insurance Over Texas.

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What does condo insurance cover

Condo insurance is very similar to a homeowner’s policy except it is essential for a condo owner to understand how their condo insurance policy will work with the master insurance policy carried by the condo association. If you are a condo owner in the Houston, TX area and have questions about your condo policy, reach out to a specialist at Insurance Over Texas today. 

The first element of condo insurance is the master insurance policy provided by the condo association. The master policy insures the building structure along with any common areas, such as the lobby, courtyard, swimming pool, and fitness center. 

There are a few different types of master policies. Condo owners should know what their building carries to determine what sort of coverage they need to fill in any coverage gaps.

  • Bare walls coverage: A bare wall policy will cover the walls, floor, and ceiling. If your condo carries this type of policy, you will need to make sure your policy covers the appliances, light fixtures, plumbing, and the cabinets in the kitchen. 
  • Single entity insurance: A single entity policy is very similar to a bare walls policy except that it also includes the fixtures. It is crucial to keep in mind that if damage were to occur, this policy would restore the fixtures to the original condition when the property was built. If you have new fixtures, you may want to consider having replacement coverage under your policy instead. 
  • All-in Coverage: All in coverage is the most comprehensive policy the association can carry. All-in coverage covers what is covered under the single entity policy but extends to cover any additions or improvements that have been made to the condo. In the event your building has All-in coverage, you will need to cover your personal property. 

If you are interested in learning more about condo insurance, make an appointment with Insurance Over Texas today. We proudly serve the Houston, TX, area. 

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Is All Health Insurance The Same?

For many people, health insurance can be confusing because it is so complex. People who select healthcare insurance policies may not entirely understand the terms and conditions of the coverage and may select the insurance based on basic, general descriptions that are provided by their employer. This is a common mistake because not all health insurance is the same. 

Many Different Forms Of Coverage

There are plenty of different types of policies on the market today. Some cover general hospitalization or wellness visits, while others are more comprehensive and allow the policyholder to make lower co-pays when visiting the doctor. The best way to determine what your needs are currently is to work closely with a knowledgeable health insurance agent. People who are residents in or around the Houston, TX area can count on Insurance Over Texas to provide them with the answers they need to discover policies that help cover medical expenses that are both routine and emergency. 

Finding The Right Insurance Provider

Finding the insurance provider that is right for the client’s needs can be a challenge, which is why working with an established and respected insurance agency is crucial. They can discover what the overall needs are, and then provide a selection of options to choose from. Additionally, they can help revise the policy if necessary and assist with the filing of claims if there is an issue. 

People who are looking for quality health insurance in the Katy and Houston, TX area are urged to call or stop by the Insurance Over Texas office today to consult with a licensed health insurance agent. Get the protection necessary to help cover life’s medical expenses before the need arises. 

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Is It Time to Replace Your Car?

It’s easy to get attached to a car, especially if it has sentimental value. Older vehicles, however, eventually lose their reliability, making it necessary to upgrade to a newer model. At Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX, we know the importance of having dependable transportation for you and your family. The following signs could indicate it’s time to trade in your used vehicle for a safer, more dependable car.

Rising Repair Costs

If your vehicle is constantly in the shop for repairs, it’s time to get another car. Constant repairs waste time and money that’s better spent on upgrading to a newer vehicle. 

Old, Worn Appearance  

Sometimes a vehicle runs well but has a very bad appearance, i.e. dented or rusty body, torn seats, broken door or window handles, cracked mirror, etc. If your vehicle has reached this state, it’s time to replace it with a newer model.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

As cars age, they tend to consume more gas. With the price of gas constantly on the rise, it’s good to have a vehicle that’s fuel-efficient, especially if you do a lot of driving. If your clunker has become a gas guzzler, you can probably save money by upgrading.

Safety Problems

If your car has issues that put your safety at risk, it’s definitely time to give it up. Don’t wait for an accident to happen before deciding to trade it in. Your safety is worth the extra cost of a newer car.

Insufficient Space

Lack of space for a growing family is another good reason to replace an older car. It’s important you have a car that adequately meets your family’s needs.

When upgrading your vehicle, don’t forget to update your car insurance. Learn more about auto insurance options and costs by contacting Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX.

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3 Ways to Prevent Your Business from Burglary

When the lights shut off and you lock up for the night, is your business safe? Are there ways someone could break in and burglarize the property, making off with your inventory, cash, or other valuable items?  Preventing your business from being burglarized in Houston, TX should be a top priority as a business owner. That’s why Insurance Over Texas has put together these three short tips to help keep your business safe. Read on to learn more. 

1. Install Alarms and Cameras

Security systems detect motion in and around your business. If they sense motion, they will immediately contact police who will be on the scene quickly. Alarms also protect your business from fire. Tip: Keep your documents locked up in a fire-proof safe. Cameras work as a good deterrent for thieves. But the boldest ones may still go for it. With cameras, the police will be better able to catch any would-be thieves. 

2. Keep Track of Keys

Business keys should never be duplicated without permission and should never go lost. This includes keys to all doors, vehicles, and safes. To keep track of your keys, it’s important to have an effective system in place where all employees need to sign keys in and out. If a key were to go missing, the key log will determine who lost the key and when. 

3. Always Do Background Checks on Potential Employees

Before you hire someone and trust them to be part of your business, conduct a background check to make sure they really are the person they claim to be. Many business crimes are done from the inside. This can be prevented by researching employee backgrounds.

To learn more about protecting your business in Houston, TX, including finding the right commercial insurance, contact Insurance Over Texas today. Our friendly agents will answer all your questions and concerns and find you the right policy for your needs. 

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