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Required Commercial Insurance in Texas

When you own a Texas business, there are many different types of commercial insurance that can help you protect that business. There is one type that is required for certain businesses. Others are highly recommended because they can save a business from financial destruction. When you need to get any type of commercial insurance, you can call us at Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX to find out more. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

It’s required that you have commercial auto insurance if your business owns a vehicle. Every vehicle must be covered by these policies in order to stay legal. If you had a personal auto insurance policy on a work vehicle, they generally would not pay out for an accident. There are three amounts of coverage that have to be included in the policy. One is for bodily injury liability for a single person who is injured in an accident. Another is a per-accident amount for bodily injury liability. The last is for property damage liability. The required amounts in the state are average when compared to other states, and you may want to add more coverage in case of serious accidents. It’s generally recommended to get collision coverage as well. This pays for the damage to your work vehicle in an accident. 

Other Commercial Insurance

While other states mandate that companies have workers’ compensation insurance, Texas does not. However, it’s a good idea to get this coverage if you have any employees. This is liability coverage that will pay for the medical bills and other costs associated with accidents that happen on the job. It’s important to have this insurance to keep your business protected against what could be huge medical bills. There are also other useful commercial policies you may need such as cyber insurance, professional liability, and more. 

Get Commercial Insurance

To get the policies you need, call us at Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX. 

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Does home insurance cover renovations?

At Insurance Over Texas, we want you to understand what home insurance covers so you know when you need to add a temporary policy or rider to it. When renovating your home, you must add a home renovation policy or rider. You won’t need this if you remodel your Houston, TX home.

What’s the difference between renovating and remodeling?

When you remodel your home, you use what you already own, rearranging your furniture or repurposing old pieces. You might add new curtains or rugs, but the work doesn’t require building anything new or tearing anything down.

When you renovate your home, you either tear out walls or other structural portions or build onto it. This requires construction permits if your municipality requires them. You should also add a rider or temporary policy called home renovation insurance to cover things like loss of materials or liability for worker injury because your typical home insurance policy does not cover these items.

Updating Your Policy Due to the Renovation

Also, review your policy with your insurance agent during your remodeling process. You’ll need to update it to cover your expanded square footage or include your home’s new features.

Contact Insurance Over Texas Today

Let us help you protect your financial future against losses related to your Houston, TX home. Insurance Over Texas can assist you in customizing your home insurance, providing you with precisely the coverage you need when you need it. Call or email us to learn how you can add protection to your home insurance bundle for your home and liability during the renovation process.

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The Top Three Things to Know About Medicare Supplement Insurance

If you are on Medicare in Houston, TX, you’ve likely experienced a situation where you’ve been faced with out-of-pocket costs due to Medicare not covering certain things. However, you don’t have to pay for all of these expenses on your own. A Medicare supplement insurance plan, also known as Medigap, is an insurance plan you can buy that can help reduce your costs.

At Insurance Over Texas, we want to help you find the right supplement plan to meet all your medical needs.

What It Covers

Just like other types of insurance, Medigap insurance comes in a wide range of plans. Each plan has a slightly different set of benefits, so it’s important to find the one that’s right for you. For example, some plans may include an out-of-pocket limit and additional coverage for hospice care, while others may provide Part A and B copays and deductibles.

What It Doesn’t Cover

In general, these plans don’t cover things like long-term care, eyeglasses, prescriptions, hearing aids, vision and dental care, private nursing, and other things of this nature. To get this type of coverage, you’ll likely need Part C or Part D Medicare.

Who Is Eligible?

Medicare supplement insurance plans are available to anyone 65 or older enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. There may also be exceptions for those under 65 that have a disability or end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Looking for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

If you or a loved one is in search of Medigap coverage, the team here at Insurance Over Texas can help! Our goal is to ensure that all Houston, TX residents have the insurance coverage they need, which is why we will work with you to find a plan that fits your unique situation. Contact us today to learn more!

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Why do renters in the Houston area need to have renters insurance?

For people living in the Houston, TX area, choosing to rent a home can be a great option in some situations. As a renter, you will have less responsibility and could find your housing payments are lower than when compared with buying a home. Getting insurance is still a good idea if you rent a property. There are various reasons why a renter may need a renter’s insurance plan. 

Meet Standards and Requirements in Lease

Many renters in the Houston area will need a renter’s insurance plan because it can be a lease requirement. Property owners and lessors will often find that having a tenant with full insurance is beneficial as it offers indirect benefits. Because of this, they will require that the lessees carry a full renter’s insurance policy throughout the lease term. They may even require evidence of annual coverage paid for in advance. 

Receive Valued Coverage

Getting this insurance is also a good idea as it provides very valuable coverage. When you have this type of insurance, it will provide support so you can cover your personal assets and minimize personal liability risks. This can prove to be an excellent investment as it will offer support and help protect your finances. 

Choosing a proper renter’s insurance policy is an excellent option for any Houston, TX area renter. When you are ready to begin your search for coverage, call us at Insurance Over Texas. At Insurance Over Texas, we understand the value of this type of coverage and can help ensure that you can select the right policy for your situation. 

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Who needs flood insurance in Houston?

For those living in the Houston, TX area, owning real estate has continued to be a good idea. Like anywhere else, getting the right insurance is very important when you own a property. One type of insurance to obtain is flood insurance. There are various situations when someone is going to need a flood insurance plan here. 

Those with a Mortgage Need Insurance

Taking out a mortgage is a good idea and a necessity in many situations. When you are looking to purchase a home, it is essential that you follow all requirements in the loan agreement. This will often include a provision requiring you to get insurance. If you are in a flood zone, the lender will undoubtedly require you to have flood insurance. This process will also require you to escrow your payments each month, ensuring coverage does not lapse. 

Those Looking for Financial Protection

Getting a flood insurance plan to obtain financial protection is also a good idea. If you own a home, you will want to know that you have support and are prepared for the unexpected. As flood damage can be significant, having insurance to offset this concern is always a good idea. Flood insurance will offer the coverage you need to protect your assets and finances. 

For those in the Houston, TX area, getting a flood insurance plan is always a good idea as it offers many forms of protection. If you would like to protect your home with flood coverage, starting your search with Insurance Over Texas is a good idea. Our professionals with Insurance Over Texas can offer any guidance you need to build a new plan to protect your home and ensure you remain in good standing. 

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Frequently asked questions about condo insurance

Living in a condo has its good points and its bad points. One of those good things is you don’t have to worry about maintaining the lawn. The bad point is that you share some of your walls with your neighbors. One thing that doesn’t have to be a bad thing is condo insurance. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about condo insurance.

What is condo insurance?

Condo insurance protects you from paying out-of-pocket costs if something happens with your condo. Different types of condo insurance cover different things, such as the inner structure, personal effects, and liability.

Why is condo insurance important?

Condo insurance is important because it protects you from losing thousands of dollars if something goes wrong, like a fire, natural disaster, or someone gets hurt on your property.

What does condo insurance cover?

Some coverage types available for condo insurance are dwelling coverage, loss of use coverage, personal effects coverage, and liability coverage.

How much condo insurance do I need?

It depends on a few different factors. The HOA has its own coverage, but it depends on what they cover as to what you will need coverage for. Some communities require you to have insurance coverage for the shared areas and dwelling coverage.

Does condo insurance cover personal injury?

If you are referring to the injury done to yourself or your family members, then no condo insurance does not cover personal injury. Condo insurance only covers injury to another person outside your household caused by you or another family member.

Contact Insurance Over Texas

If you have more questions, we would be happy to chat. Please stop in or contact us at Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX.

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Are You Penalized for Not Having Health Insurance?

Having health insurance is essential to ensure people have access to health care and can address essential services and ongoing care. However, many people are penalized for not selecting health insurance coverage from their employer, private provider, or through the insurance marketplace. Anyone interested in securing health insurance can contact Insurance Over Texas, serving the residents in and around the Houston, TX, area.

Health Insurance Protection 

Anyone needing top-quality health insurance coverage can find a reliable policy through our agency. Our licensed and highly trained health insurance professionals can carefully assess each individual situation and match them with policies that meet those needs.

The right health insurance coverage allows individuals to access basic medical care, preventative care, and emergency services. Everyone should have health insurance coverage throughout the year.

It’s important to note that each person filing a federal tax return must state whether or not they carried insurance coverage for the year. In some situations, individuals may be penalized for not having health insurance coverage. To learn more about health insurance penalties and filing taxes, you can consult our insurance agents, who can provide clarification and information.

Reach Out Today 

If you’re interested in health insurance coverage, our agents are here to help each individual get the insurance they need. Call or stop by Insurance Over Texas, serving Houston, TX. One of our helpful agents will be happy to set up a consultation. Our goal is to offer residents insurance options that help them stay healthy and meet medical care needs. Don’t wait to get health care coverage. Start today and have peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

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Types of Automobile Insurance

Several insurance products exist for motorists, though some will be mandatory. Drivers are required by law in Houston, TX to obtain liability coverage in the amount of $30,000 for injuries or death per person, $60,000 per wreck, and $25,000 in property damage. 

A basic liability policy will not protect your interests or those of your lender, and you will generally be required to purchase further indemnification when you carry a balance. Your Insurance Over Texas representative can help you select the appropriate insurance. 

Collision coverage extends to situations where your vehicle has suffered impact with another object. This can be a stationary item like a signpost, light pole, or mailbox. When you hit another car, this protection helps pay for repairs to your vehicle.

If your automobile is totaled, you may be entitled to the actual cash value, or ACA, before the wreck. You will be responsible for meeting your deductible before any payments are made. 

Comprehensive indemnification will cover costs associated with natural occurrences, termed acts of God, such as fallen tree branches. Wind storms, ice, or hail can also wreak havoc. 

Other drivers may sometimes not have insurance at all, and uninsured coverage is meant to protect your investment in these scenarios. A completely optional indemnification is similar to underinsured protection, which helps cover costs if another party has insurance but lacks adequate limits. 

Insurance Over Texas Can Help you with Auto Insurance.

We individualize your insurance package and listen to your needs when discussing your situation. We invite you to contact us today for more information about insurance around Houston, TX. 

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Does Flood Insurance Cover Outdoor Property?

If you have ever experienced flooding, you know how devastating it can be, especially if you live in Houston, TX. Over the years, Houston has seen a steep increase in flooding, making the city the unofficial Rainfall Flooding Capital of the United States. Relentless torrential rain can make its way into the forecast anytime, particularly during hurricane season. In a matter of minutes, your property can end up completely underwater. This can cause significant damage to everything on your property, destroying everything in its path. But before this happens, you need to make sure that you know what items could be covered and replaced by insurance in this scenario.

Did you know that your flood insurance may not cover your outdoor possessions? Many policies do not protect outdoor items such as patio furniture and any destruction to swimming pools. Trees, bushes, plants, and other foliage are also not covered. Walkways, fences, and patios are also typically not included in the policy. That means you have no choice but to pay out-of-pocket for any damages. This does not mean that flood insurance is not imperative, however. You will need to reach out to a professional for more information.

If you are currently living in or near the unofficial Rainfall Capital of the US, you need to insure your property and protect it as much as possible. Insurance Over Texas in Houston, TX will help you purchase your new flood insurance policy without confusion or inadequate coverage. Call Insurance Over Texas today or stop by the office if you are nearby. Obtaining flood insurance is not something that should be delayed. Make sure you are prepared before the storm begins.

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Is condo insurance required in Texas?

If you own a condo in Houston, TX, you are required to have condo insurance if you have a mortgage. Condo insurance is not only required in Texas but also a wise idea, even if your condo association has insurance. Insurance Over Texas explains why.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

First, it’s important to understand what condo insurance does and does not cover. Your condo association’s policy will usually cover the outside of the building and any common areas, such as the swimming pool or fitness center. However, it will not cover the contents of your individual unit. That’s where your condo insurance comes in.

Condo insurance covers the things in your unit that are important to you, such as your furniture, clothing, electronics, and other personal belongings. It also provides liability coverage if someone is injured in your unit and decides to sue you. In short, condo insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are protected in the event of an accident or disaster.

As anyone who lives here knows, we are no strangers to severe weather. Houston, TX has seen everything from tropical storms and hurricanes to flooding and severe thunderstorms. And while your condominium association’s policy may cover damage to the building itself, it likely won’t cover damage to your personal belongings—that’s where your condo insurance comes in.

Condo insurance protects your belongings and provides liability coverage in case someone is injured while in your unit. It can also help with temporary housing costs if your unit is uninhabitable due to weather damage. So don’t wait until it’s too late—talk to Insurance Over Texas today about getting the coverage you need to protect yourself from financial losses due to accidents or disasters.

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